There now follows an audioplayer with some songs the band recorded over the years.

It’s all made with much effort and even more love, only for YOUR listening pleasure, so try to enjoy it for fucks sake!

picture by Brenda Amsing

  1. When Something Is Definite and When Not recorded live in the rehearsel room in 2010, with Marco Henze on drums
  2. Tedious Things from the CD Causing a Disturbance
  3. Not about Me from the CD The Bleeding Obvious
  4. The Chain original version on the Split CD-single with Knuckle Sandwich
  5. Vacumecleaner from the cassette single Get the Goose
  6. Betty from the cassette album Where the Sunlight skips the Shades

Some of these tunes and many more are still available for sale, check the winkel!