EGGHEADThis humid, stinking corner of the  world wide web
is the right place to find more information on those
of the band mentioned above.

You only have a need to read on if:
1. you have nothing better to do, or
B. you’re willing to spend your filthy money here.

Then there is this:
Some of you WANKERS are still whining
why EGGHEAD did not release any recordings
and did not perform after the holy year
Please stop doing that!
If getting EGGHEAD to perform live is
really really really really really
what you really want:
this is the place where you can actualy make
a gig possible.
This acquires money.

As for obtaining recordings made in the past wich were
hard to get hold of:
again, you are in the right place.
This also acquires money.

There are also things on this very site
given to you – free of charge!
If however, you feel the urge to pay for this
do not let anyone stop you!

Please read on…

The EGGHEAD list of all gigs can be found here.

The EGGHEAD list of all recordings can be found here.

Here is a list of all bandmembers as shown in a family tree.

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